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About us

Who is Phoenix Photonics?

Phoenix Photonics is a UK based manufacturer and R&D specialist in components and instrumentation for fiber optic technology and applications worldwide.

What part of the market is the company focused on?

Primarily optical fibre test and measurement instrumentation for the telecommunications and sensing industries. Phoenix also supplies University R&D departments and research establishments looking to develop next generation technologies and solutions.

Why is that important?

Telecommunications is a critical part of the fabric of society worldwide and faces enormous challenges such as high-bandwidth broadband provision and next generation networking for both fixed and mobile networks. The Phoenix technology base enables it to support both today’s customers and demands and also to look at developments which will be needed for the next 10-50 years.

What makes you different and differentiates you from your competitors?

The Phoenix technology, people and customer focus.

The technology allows Phoenix to provide low-cost high-quality products to truly scalable levels to meet global market demands. This delivery is backed by co-founder experience covering 35 years, with a total commitment to working closely with customers and providing a “partnership” approach in order to match their specific requirements.

What new areas are you looking at in terms of the company’s future?

As R&D specialists Phoenix is concerned to keep its customers in the forefront of market demands. As part of this involvement in the future, CEO Dr Ian Giles is Project Manager for the European Commission’s 7th Framework Collaborative R&D project, MODE-GAP – which is researching and looking to develop the technologies required to manage and operate networks capable of handling up to 100 times greater capacity than is possible with current solutions.

Phoenix is also being supported by the UK Government TSB (Technology Strategy Board) in developing its next generation products and solutions for the worldwide market.

Phoenix is a ISO 9001:2008 registered company