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Polarization Definition

Space Division Multiplexing (SDM)

Phoenix Photonics offers a range of polarization definition products, including polarizers and passive depolarizers of different types and at various wavelengths to suit all applications.



Designed for application in SDM systems Phoenix Photonics offers a range of components, modules and associated instrumentation utilising in-house fiber technology. Products are available for both Few Mode Fiber (FMF) and Multi-core Fiber (MCF).

SDM Fiber Product Range

Polarization Control

Side-Polished Evanescent Field Fiber Substrates

The Phoenix Photonics polarization control range of products offers different approaches to achieve full polarization control from basic component through to benchtop instrument.

Polarization Controllers

In-fiber Polarimeter

Over the last 20 years engineers at Phoenix Photonics have been involved in developing the precision fiber side-polishing technology which forms the basis of the Company’s high quality fiber polarizers. The technology is applicable to many different fiber types and offers a powerful technique for accessing the wave propagating in the fiber via the evanescent field.

Side-Polished Fibers

SMF & PMF Components


Phoenix offers a range of optical fiber products to providing various functions for SMF and PMF.

Fiber Components