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New Product Release October 2017

Narrow linewidth source depolarizers

Phoenix Photonics has released an upgrade to its range of optical fibre depolarizers. Up to now the depolarizer range has been targeted at broadband sources used primarily in sensing and test & measurement applications. Working closely with colleagues from the ORC at University of Southampton, new techniques have been developed to extend the range to effectively depolarizer semiconductor lasers with linewidths from 200kHz. Dr Giles, CEO, is excited by this new product range, "For many years optical fiber instrumentation designers have chosen the flexible depolarizer approach adopted by Phoenix Photonics and we supply leading senisng and instrumentation with this polarization noise solution. Expanding the capabilties of the depoalrizer range, in response to customer suggestions, puts Phoenix in a commanding position to supply highly competitive depolarizer products. We are able to design the depolarizer to meet the customers technical and cost expectations, which othere suppliers are not able to do."

Released during October the narrow line depolarizers have three packaging options and two inpuit polarization state versions. Follow the link for more information - Depolarizer Range


ECOC 2017 Gothenburg, Sweden



Phoenix Photonics once again had a very busy and successful time at the ECOC exhibition this year. We had the opportunity to meet with our customers and new colleagues alike. We demonstrated our latest product ranges for the expanding Space Division Multiplexing field and the new range of depolarizers expanding our capability to offer low cost laser depolarization.

Technical Publications September 2017

Phoenix Photonics has coauthors on SDM transmission technical papers in cooperation with Bell Labs., Nokia.

Large-bandwidth, low-loss, efficient mode mixing using long-period mechanical gratings

New Product Release July 2017

Mode selective multiplexer Photonic Lanterns


Phoenix Photonics manufacturer of optical fibre components and modules has released its latest product targeted at the developing Space Division Multipltiplexing (SDM) market. Based on its Photonic Lantern technology the Company has released a mode selective version of the device that has a direct relationship between input fiber and mode generated in the output Few Mode Fiber (FMF). The devices are fabricated by tapering multiple fibers to a smaller single waveguide capable of propagating the required number of modes. The all-fiber approach offers more robust, stable performance compared with alternative technology approaches. The 3-mode version is currently available with the 6-mode device targeted for later in the year. Neal Williams, Sales Executive at Phoenix said, "Customers have been requesting this product for some time now and the technical guys have put a lot of effort into refining the technology to provide a repeatable, high quality device in-line with customer requirements. The multiplexer product specification is highly competitive and we are able to offer the units are extremely good prices."