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Few Mode EDFA



Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based optical fibre components specialist, has launched a fibre amplifier for few mode fiber (FMF) spatial division multiplexing (SDM) applications. A result of research work with University of Southampton  in the EU supported 7th Framework project MODE-GAP this EDFA range of amplifiers is the first commercially available to provide gain for each of the modes in FMF.

The amplifier is integrated into a 19” rack format with gain control through USB interface. Currently available for 3-mode (LP01, LP11a, LP11b) and 6-mode (LP01, LP11a, LP21a, LP21b, LP02) fiber systems, the amplifier gives more than 20dB gain for each mode over full C-band. The core pumped amplifiers use Erbium doped fibres developed specifically to achieve high performance gain balance between the modes (<4dB differential gain) and fibres are fully compatible with commercially available few mode transmission fibers. Maximum output power is 17dBm and the amplifier has a noise figure better than 6dB.

Optical Parameters


Wavelength Range

1535 – 1560nm (C-band)

Input Power Range

-10 to 0 dBm per mode

Number of spatial modes

3 or 6

Small Signal Gain

> 20dB

Number of distinct pump ports


Maximum Output Power


Differential Modal Gain

< 4dB

Noise Figure

< 6dB

Input/ Output Connector

Bare fiber or FC/PC or FC/APC


Control Electronics Dimensions

19” Rack Unit

Operating Voltage

110-230 VAC

Line Frequency

50 to 60 Hz


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