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Side Polished Optical Fibers

Based on it's all-fiber technology Phoenix Photonics offers side polished optical fibers as a stand alone product. Using a unique polishing process developed in-house over 20 years, Phoenix can mass produce polished fibers very accurately to suit the customers requirement.

Custom polishing is available. Polishing length, depth, and fibre type can be modified within limits. Please contact us with your specific requirement.


Phoenix utilises their in house technology to grind and polish away a section of the optical fiber.


A good surface finish is achieved to a depth determined by the customer.

Side polishing removes a section of the fiber giving easy access to the evanescent field of the optical fiber.
Most standard silica fiber can be polished to variable depths and lengths.

Side Polished Optical Fiber - Information and Applications

  • Side-polishing optical fibers creates a substrate of definable length and depth with parallel surface to guide facilitating access to the evanescent field, with virtually zero loss.
  • Polarization maintaining PANDA and Bow Tie fibers can be aligned for polishing along either axis.
  • Guiding properties are modified by the structure and refractive index of overlay structure.
  • By dynamic modification of structure dimensions, refractive index or absorption, time varying manipulation of the propagation can be achieved.
  • Applications in optical fiber components and fiber optic sensing.

Side Polished Optical Fibers

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